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Insanity Check is a project by Topias Svärd from Turku, Finland. He is also known as ‘DJ Backstabber’ for his “Beats by the Dead” tape with ‘Shangó 404’ and as ‘8-Bitape’ for his two tapes “8-Bitape” and “8-Breeder”. These tapes have been baptized as chiphop by Scandinavian underground chiptune makers.


Insanity Check has worked for almost over five years on his debut album “Unrecoverable Reality“, which was released in early 2020. On this album Insanity Check created a mix of industrial, chiptunes, beats and metal.  Not your usual ambient or vaporwave album; but highly appreciated by the community! It was also reviewd on the Dutch heavy metal website Zware Metalen.


Right after the release of Unrecoverable Reality Topias Svärd has said that he has started working on a follow-up album dealing with substance abuse. Expect another gem packed with chiptune, metal and classical music!