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Squarecom広場SOFTWARE – バ​ー​チ​ャ​ル​SHOPPING CENTRE


updated to ‘Version 1.5’

Take a walk around the new mall!


Celadon Plaza is proud to present Squarecom広場SOFTWARE‘s historic mallsoft classic ‘バ​ー​チ​ャ​ル​SHOPPING CENTRE,’ in its updated ‘Version 1.5’ state, physically for the first time.

バ​ー​チ​ャ​ル​SHOPPING CENTRE (Version 1.5) is the complete way to experience one of the early greats of the mallsoft subgenre with fully remastered audio, brand new artwork and three brand new bonus tracks. Welcome to the virtual shopping centre, where you can browse SQUARECOM products in an immersive mall-type simulation! There are plenty of other stores and outlets you can peruse as well! Try the new upgrades and added features with this new software update! So what are you waiting for? Let’s get shopping!


  • Artist: Squarecom広場SOFTWARE
  • Title: バ​ー​チ​ャ​ル​SHOPPING CENTRE (Version 1.5)
  • Genre: Vaporwave, Mallsoft, Furniture Store Muzak
  • Format: Professionally Duplicated RTM911 Premium Ferro Tape
  • Celadon Plaza import

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Squarecom広場SOFTWARE - バ​​​ー​​​チ​​​ャ​​​ル​​​SHOPPING CENTRE (Version 1​.​5) (Vaporwave, Mallsoft)


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