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Room 208 & Zuwe – Time Moved Like It Used


We danced between two poles of light

An iconic new duo releases their debut tape at No Problema Tapes!


From the depths, under the sea of radio waves comes Room 208’s unmistakable sound. Their sound is a swirl of synthwave, epic proportions of electronica, and a deep love of downtempo. Through the dark shines the light, and in the light lies the dark. A perfect balance that Room 208 seems to find with ease.

Zuwe is a musician from Amsterdam, The Netherlands. He has been producing and releasing electronic music under a variety of aliases over the last ten years. The project Zuwe was started in 2019 after discovering the vast possibilities for experimentation in the vaporwave scene. Zuwe’s music is primarily centered around ambient soundscapes and field recordings. His goal is to create immersive sound environments that allow the listener to experience a world built by the music.


  • Artist: Room 208 & Zuwe
  • Title: Time Moved Like It Used
  • Genre: Dreampunk, Dub Techno, Ambient
  • Format: C42 tape + tracing paper j-card + download code
  • Limited to 90 copies worldwide.
  • No Problema import!

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Room 208 & Zuwe - Time Moved Like It Used [ NOP-267 ]

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Weight62 g
Dimensions11 × 7 × 2 cm


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