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y o u r d i s c o v e r y & Cyber Surfer 3D – NUMEN


I just need a glimpse of what it’s like

N U M E N is an exploration into the thoughts of wonderings of an afterlife; A reflection of the past and how it relates to the future. The album is a cry into the void for answers to the burning mystery of life after death.


Cyber Surfer 3D (a.k.a. Virtual AirBnB) is an Ambient Experimental/ Vaporwave producer from Los Angeles, California, who now resides in Portland, Oregon. Inspired by multiple genres, his beautiful surroundings, and deepest life experiences, he’s found a way to transpose them into atmospheric thought provocative sounds. The music is mainly instrumental, giving the listener freedom to their own interpretation. Just as the cosmos have no boundaries, neither does his music.

y o u r d i s c o v e r y is a Vaporwave alias of Cameron Ludy from Grand Rapids, Michigan with minimal sample usage in the style of Utopian Virtual and upbeat Slushwave playing on themes of magical dystopias. The artist often describes their music style as Slushtronica or Dystopian Virtual, exercising original compositions that often fall under the categories of vapor-adjacent or other dream music.


Highly recommended for fans of Slushpop!


  • Artist: y o u r d i s c o v e r y & Cyber Surfer 3D
  • Title:N U M E N
  • Genre: Slushwave Ambient, Vaporwave, Slushpop
  • Format: Limited to 55 copies worldwide C48 tape + trading card
  • No Problema import!

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y o u r d i s c o v e r y & Cyber Surfer 3D : N U M E N

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