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エミュレータ – 夢の回想


Weatherhaze Dreamtone

Recollection of the Dream


エミュレータ, or also know R.E.M. エミュレータ or サイバネティックハイバネーション, with previous physical releases on No Problema Tapes and Liminal Garden.

Cryptic and mysteriously anonymous producer of ambient music, being one of the major representatives of the micro genre called dreamtone.



  • Artist: エミュレータ (Emulator)
  • Title: 夢の回想 (Recollection of the Dream)
  • Genre: Weatherhaze, Vaporwave ambient, Dreamtone
  • Format: Cassette with full LED on-body printed and 8 x 6 cm Holographic Trading Card.
  • Limited to 65 copies worldwide
  • Imported into EU for EU customers
  • USA buy here:

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エミュレータ - 夢の回想 [ NOP-249 ]

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Dimensions11 × 7 × 2 cm


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