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Monodrone – 孤独な人々のための内省的な音楽


Introspective music for lonely people

Nothing is forever. Everything is plundered.


Barber Beats producer Monodrone is an electronic music artist based in Calgary, Canada and is also known as Jaded Luxuries. 孤独な人々のための内省的な音楽 is the 8th album from Monodrone – enjoy it!


  • Artist: Monodrone
  • Title: 孤独な人々のための内省的な音楽
  • Genre: Barber Beats, Lounge, Vaporwave
  • Format: Recycled Purple C74 Cassette Tape
  • Limited to 115 copies worldwide, includes trading card + download code
  • No Problema import!

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Weight62 g
Dimensions11 × 7 × 2 cm