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FM Skyline – Illuminations


New Wave of Vaporwave

‘Illuminations’ is the new album from FM Skyline, out via 100% Electronica, now available at Hiraeth.


“Illuminations is a homage to 20th century French Impressionism/surrealism as well as a homage to the way art from that era inspired some of early digital art in the 80s & 90s, and is intended to invoke a classical, theatrical atmosphere. It became a very personal and emotionally heavy album for me – besides the obvious backdrop of a world frozen in pandemic, it was written between the loss of a best friend and then later on the dissolution of a long romantic relationship. I was exploring loss through the way seemingly familiar things can feel haunted by being dislodged from their original context or being obvious facsimiles of more natural things.”

-Pete Curry (FM Skyline)


  • Artist: FM Skyline
  • Title: Illuminations
  • Genre: Vaporwave, Computergaze, 80s
  • Format: 1LP, Transparent with Blue Splatter vinyl
  • USA import

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Weight295 g
Dimensions32 × 32 × 1 cm