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Eyeliner – LARP of Luxury


live the lifestyle you deserve!

LARP of Luxury is a new adventure through Desire and Sound by New Zealand’s digital-fantasist: Eyeliner.


Nine tracks of romanced-commodities re-imagined as a virtual-vacation destinations and add-to-cart artifacts. From the kinetic-grooves and intimate finger-swipes of “iPod Touch” to the exfoliating pristine-reverb wash of “The North Face”, LARP of Luxury is the perfect augment to a contemporary life full of near-futures longing. Crystalline CPU-conservative VSTs paint a Nu-World of potential and promise, where products dissolve into ephemeral lifestyle-choices and recycled genres occupy our subconscious cached for future purchases; musical concepts as prole-drift-desktop-wallpaper, the marketplace soundtrack to the virtual muscle-bound avatar.


Eyeliner is the alias of one Luke Rowell of Wellington, New Zealand, synthesist, producer and deep-thought enthusiast. LARP of Luxury is the follow up to his popular “High Fashion Mood Music”, considered a definitive example of the netmusic genre #vaporwave. Eyeliner renders thought-tools into musical-environs, exploring where post-consumer/post-scarcity “vibes” collide with real-world artists’ toast-again poverty. LARP of Luxury is the roleplay of desire, the act of fashion, a post-consumer social-network profile of an artist faking comfort. Let Eyeliner soundtrack your life-pretend, and add new totems of promise to your iTunes playlist. Join Eyeliner as he stares through the Windows. Download a brand new desktop-theme for 2013, indulge in a LARP of Luxury and live the lifestyle you deserve.


  • Artist: Eyeliner
  • Title: LARP of Luxury
  • Genre: Vaporwave, Synth Pop, MIDI Jazz
  • Format: Blue Cloudy LP
  • USA import

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Eyeliner : LARP of Luxury

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