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Equip – CURSEBREAKER X Blood Moon LP


Are you ready to explore the dungeons?

Exclusive BLOOD MOON vinyl LP version of CURSEBREAKER X, Equip’s latest compact action packed adventure. 


Never one to do the same thing twice, Equip ushers in a new era of original vaporwave. After I Dreamed of a Palace In The Sky’s gauzy new age and earlier released tribute to 16 bit RPGS OSTs, Synthetic Core 88, comes a third adventure, “CURSEBREAKER X”.


EQUIP (Kevin Hein) is a composer and producer based out of Chicago that uses video game sounds to create vaporwave and ethereal music that takes you off to a far away dreamscape.



  • Artist: Equip
  • Title: Cursebreaker X
  • Genre: Dungeon Tunes, Vaporwave, Soundtrack
  • Format: 1LP, BLOOD MOON
  • USA import





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Additional information

Weight295 g
Dimensions32 × 32 × 1 cm