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death’s dynamic shroud – Neon Memories EP (Splatter)


LTD Edition Blue Splatter Vinyl EP

“…indie-pop track that evolves into a massive electronic behemoth…” – Lyrical Lemonade on Neon Memories


Following up on the success of Judgment Bolt comes Neon Memories, the new single from death’s dynamic shroud. A pop song full of flowering synths and vocals, Neon Memories is supported by a suite of all-new material and stands on its own as a mini-album as well as a single. The record also includes an instrumental version of Neon Memories and a 2012 demo recording.


A1. Neon Memories (4:36)
A2. CD Player V (2:57) [Vinyl Exclusive]
A3. It’s Only Pain (4:28) [Vinyl Exclusive]
A4. Cover My Eyes (2:33) [Vinyl Exclusive]
A5. You Don’t Care (5:36) [Vinyl Exclusive]
B1. Neon Memories [2012 Demo] (5:11) [Vinyl Exclusive]
B2. Neon Memories [Instrumental] (4:35) [Vinyl Exclusive]


  • Artist: death’s dynamic shroud
  • Title: Neon Memories EP
  • Genre: Vaporwave
  • Format: Limited Blue/White Splatter Vinyl Record
  • 6 tracks are vinyl exclusives + not on the forthcoming LP
  • USA import

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death's dynamic shroud - Neon Memories (Official Music Video)

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