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death’s dynamic shroud – Darklife 2xLP


“love as a social construct, or as the fabric of the universe, or as not existing.”

death’s dynamic shroud’s highly anticipated double-album ‘Darklife’ is out now!


death’s dynamic shroud have always been curious about what we can’t see. Tech Honors, James Webster, and Keith Rankin make music that explores that sense of wonderment—emotional, experimental electronic work that fills gaps between the known and unknown. For the first time since Heavy Black Heart, all three members contributed to every song, which to them represents a new chapter. This set finds the group further exploring unknown realms, focusing on original composition, songwriting, and vocals, as well as delving deeper into prog rock and traditional pop. And, of course, they’ve utilized some well-placed samples (including soap operas) to help drive the album’s concept, an exploration of “love as a social construct, or as the fabric of the universe, or as not existing,” as Webster puts it. Once again, death’s dynamic shroud work to chart what we can’t see but—more than ever—can feel. And to hear them tell it, they feel it too. To Webster, this era boils down to one salient fact: “There’s more of us in this than ever before.”


  • Artist: death’s dynamic shroud
  • Title: Darklife
  • Genre: Vaporwave, Hyperpop, Nu World
  • Format: Limited edition 2LP Green+White
  • Pitchfork review
  • USA import

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