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death’s dynamic shroud – Messe De E-102 EP (White & Red)


LTD Edition White & Red Splatter Vinyl EP

“Messe de E-102” is a spooky electro-pop thriller brimming with tension and triumph.” What’s Good


death’s dynamic shroud have always been curious about what we can’t see. Tech Honors, James Webster, and Keith Rankin make music that explores that sense of wonderment—emotional, experimental electronic work that fills gaps between the known and unknown. Like Neon Memories, Messe De E-102 is a suite of all-new material and stands on its own as a mini-album as well as a single. The record also includes an instrumental version of Messe De E-102 and a 2012 demo recording.


A1. Messe De E-102 (5:32)
A2. Sorry Pt. 2 (4:07) [Vinyl Exclusive]
A3. Wish House (3:29) [Vinyl Exclusive]
A4. Dark Channel (5:49) [Vinyl Exclusive]
A5. Rose Confession (4:06) [Vinyl Exclusive]
B1. Messe De E-102 [2012 Demo] (4:39) [Vinyl Exclusive]
B2. Messe De E-102 [Instrumental] (5:32) [Vinyl Exclusive]


  • Artist: death’s dynamic shroud
  • Title: Messe De E-102 EP
  • Genre: Vaporwave
  • Format: Limited White/Red Splatter Vinyl Record
  • 6 tracks are vinyl exclusives + not on the forthcoming LP
  • USA import

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death's dynamic shroud - Messe de E-102 (Official Music Video)

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