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天気予報 – ひまわり画像 [Tape Box] *pre order*


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Sound collage by Asutenki. For the first time on tape, 360 tracks and more than 6 hrs of virtual nostalgia on this signalwave milestone.

“ひまわり画像” is an experimental music album that takes listeners on a unique sonic journey through the sounds of Japanese city life, capturing the energy and excitement of living in a bustling urban environment, where life is marked by the sounds of television broadcasts and advertisements.

The album is composed entirely of samples from Japanese commercials, news broadcasts, and muzak, expertly blended together to create a dynamic and eclectic soundscape. The album’s themes revolve around the ubiquitous Japanese pastimes of weather forecasting and shopping, capturing the energy and excitement of these everyday activities. From the soothing tones of weather presenters to the jingles of various commercials, “ひまわり画像” immerses listeners in a vibrant and ever-changing world of sound, making for a truly one-of-a-kind musical experience.


Please note that this item is currently available for pre-order and will be shipped as soon as it’s ready. To ensure timely delivery, we recommend placing a separate order for this item rather than adding it to an order containing other items.


  • Artist: 天気予報
  • Title: ひまわり画像
  • Genre: Signalwave, Muzak, Mallsoft
  • Format: 4x cassette rave case box set
  • Yellow, Green, Red and Blue shell cassettes with LED on-body printing on both sides
  • PRE-ORDER, estimated shipping in May/June 2023
  • No Problema import!

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What is "ひまわり画像"? (360 songs about the weather channel?)

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Dimensions11 × 7 × 2 cm


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