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Amanita – Liminal Trilogy 3x Tape


An experience of nostalgic memories

Amanita is an experimental ambient musician who thrives in representation through soundscapes and looping, heavily influenced by artists such as William Basinski and Leyland Kirby.


In Liminal Trilogy, their first physical release, Amanita deepens his relationship with nostalgia, echoes of the past, the nature and loneliness.


Part I: Liminal rains… an experience of nostalgic memories, remembrance of a time with the fragrance of petrichor and the need of nothing.
Part II: Romantic winds… the earthy scent of fall is in the air, at a time where the most that mattered was the one by your side.
Part III: Dreary snow… an experience of dreary, yet nostalgic memories, a time where the breeze would sweep you with its cold temperature, forcing you into a warm, but lonely sanctuary.


  • Artist:Amanita
  • Title: Liminal Trilogy
  • Genre: Ambient, New Age, Tape Loop Music
  • Format: Cassette 1: turquoise C56 / Cassette 2: coral pink 52 / Cassette 3: ocean blue C52
  • Limited to 55 worldwide copies

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Amanita - The Liminal Trilogy (All Albums)

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