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甘い夢のスケジュール – ロマンチックな至福


From This World, To That Which is To Come

A new release by No Problema Tapes now available at Hiraeth Records.


甘い夢のスケジュール (Vesper Kale) releases a new Dreamtone album at No Problema Tapes. Ethereal long stretched out pads and drones will show you what’s beyond.

The album comes in two exclusive variations and will be sent out randomly.


  • Artist:甘い夢のスケジュール
  • Title: ロマンチックな至福
  • Genre: Dreamtone, Ethereal
  • Variation 1: Clear shell with standard print on side A, full image print on side B
  • Variation 2: Pink shell with standard print on both sides
  • Imported into EU for EU customers, expected to ship in March
  • USA buy here:

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甘い夢のスケジュール - ロマンチックな至福 [ NOP-235 ]

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Dimensions11 × 7 × 2 cm


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