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NEW PARTNERSHIP: Shatterfoil Industries and Turn Undead

From now on Hiraeth Records will stock items from Shatterfoil Industries and Turn Undead in our EU Distro shop!



Launched in April of 2018 on a whim with one of the current owners’ friends, Shatterfoil Industries has been releasing a consistent stream of music for over five years, mainly in the vaporwave scene.

Each release (with few exceptions) is created at home in a DIY manner, keeping costs for buyers relatively cheap. Their focus is on variety, even working outside of the usual genres that take up the bulk of their catalogue when something truly unique is spotted. They have strived to create physical representations of both classics and contemporary works spanning across internet music.

Artists such as Luxury Elite, Graham Kartna, Lindsheaven Virtual Plaza, Hakita, Nmesh, Syllabus, Hantasi, and Epson have featured on Shatterfoil Industries, among many others.



Created as a side venture to the DIY focused Shatterfoil Industries, Turn Undead runs on an open pre-order system and emphasizes aspects which their original schema cannot support.
This mainly includes things such as flexible pressing sizes, pad printing, and other experimentations which they have in mind for the future. Their releases focus primarily on the barber beats style of vaporwave, mostly looking at more experimental albums within it. While it is was created much later than the main label it sprung from, the same level of focus and dedication to quality is being put onto Turn Undead.