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HR016 - Futuristic Dystopian Dreampunk Vaporwave Ambient - 暗闇DESTINY - 遷移TRANSITION - Front Cover

‘遷移TRANSITION’ is OUT NOW on CD, MiniDisc, Tape, Black Vinyl and Orange Smoke Vinyl. 


Hiraeth Records invites listeners to witness the destruction of an utopian empire. Attend the dismantling of a world, told through lashings of atmospheric ambient and dreamy electronic instrumentation. Wander through a stark wasteland, as 暗闇DESTINY illustrates a story as epic as those depicted by the romanticist painters of old.


Spectate the disintegration of paradise on 遷移TRANSITION. Savour the natural surroundings as bright ambient instrumentation constructs a far-reaching ecosphere all around you, only for it to be shrouded in dark, cloudy euphoria. Journey from the world you know to a distant but hauntingly foreboding future. Walk through a shifting landscape as endless fields of flora shrivel under the weight of a cloak of hypermodernity.

The lines of this picture trace horrifyingly close to the lines of our own world, as 暗闇DESTINY explores themes such as environmental destruction, mankind’s self-harming nature and the world’s beauty succumbing to evil, insatiable forces.

The CD and MiniDisc contain three extra tracks: a Bonus Track and two remixes by Zuwe and 沙漠鱿鱼.




暗闇DESTINY , aka Z.E.R.O. , is a musician from Brazil. He has been producing music since 2011 in a big variety of different genres ranging from Future Funk, Dreampunk and Dark Ambient to Happy Hardcore and Techno. In his daily life dedicating most of his time to any kind of noise, music, podcasts, and more 暗闇DESTINY is also a 3D artist and designer, mainly inspired by the works of Zer0 れい, TropicalVirtual and others, but works with audiovisual projects, glitch art and concepts as well.

暗闇 Destiny vaporwave dreampunk artist from Brazil

The idea behind 遷移TRANSITION is to tell the story of the humanity, slowly transitioning from a utopian and hopeful place to a dark and hopeless dystopia without any freedom and light. How we started to get out from the peaceful nature bounds of the earth and started to live inside these huge brutalist structures we’re inside.” – 暗闇DESTINY