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Hiraeth Records x Celadon Plaza

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📢 Hiraeth Records forms partnership with Celadon Plaza! 🎉

We’ve got some exciting news to share with you! Hiraeth Records has officially partnered with Celadon Plaza, marking a significant milestone for both labels. Starting today, Hiraeth Records will be the exclusive distributor of Celadon Plaza’s cassette releases in Europe.

For those unfamiliar with Celadon Plaza we would like to give a brief introduction:

Celadon Plaza was founded with one goal: Preserve Vaporwave that we love in the physical world.

While many labels can share this, Celadon Plaza made absolutely certain that this goal is joined together with 3 things they like to call the 3 HQs:

1. High Quality Production
2. High Quality Customer Service
3. High Quality Shipping Speed

Over the past year and half, Celadon Plaza has preserved for the first time and reissued various Vaporwave albums on cassette and vinyl records in various ordered series. There are no specific subgenres that are focused on. All releases must simply meet only two criteria: they must be Vaporwave, and we must love them.

Home to the latest physical editions of early classics from VHS Dreams, 猫 シ Corp., Donovan Hikaru, and Zadig the Jasp along with instant classics from modest by default, GODSPEED 音, 𝐺𝑂𝑅𝐸, Vįr+üål Åįrßñß and more, Celadon Plaza continues to grow as a staple in the Physical Vaporwave scene with no plans of slowing down.


Thanks to this collaboration, you can now easily acquire Celadon Plaza releases directly through Hiraeth Records’ EU Distro!

The next Celadon Plaza releases that we distribute shall be:


GODSPEED 音 - 無敗 EP - CEL-S19 cover


Cassette include exclusive tape-only bonus track ‘静けさのささやき.’

GODSPEED 音 - 情熱の追求 CEL-S24 tape promo

GODSPEED 音 – 情熱の追求

A blend of jazzy weather channel, lounge music and barber beats.