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Explore the Vapor – 24h live stream

Ready to party? Explore the North, Hiraeth Records and Vapor Memory will bring the – for some of you yet to be discovered – Vaporwave universe right into your living room on Saturday, November 21 starting from 4PM EST / 9PM GMT / 10PM CET. It will be broadcasted to YouTube, Twitch, and DLive.



Twenty of the greatest Vaporwave artists out there alternate with interesting newcomers. To paint you a picture: imagine forgotten music from the 80s & 90s such as lift muzak and soundtracks for tv commercials and mix it with dreamy and sultry ambient. Then add some Windows logos, nineties web design, cat pictures, palmtrees, Japanese characters and a lot of ironic social criticism. A fantastic genre that in our opinion far too few people know of. After Explore the Vapor, there will be a lot more Vapor-connaisseurs! Explore the Vapor!





猫 シ Corp. (NL/FIN)
Donor Lens (UK)
3D Blast (USA)
Ahero (USA)
Zer0 れい (België)
Passive Refraction (USA)
⦓🍊⦔ タンジェリン (Japan)
Golding Living Room (USA)
desert sand feels warm at night (UK)
Tsudio Studio (JAP)
Dan Mason (USA)
Fire-Toolz (USA)
Stevia Sphere (Sweden)
식료품groceries (USA)
Pad Chennington (USA)
RunnersClub 95 (SWE)
Eyeliner (NZ)


Explore the Vapor – 24h livestream
Together with Jornt Elzinga, Vaporwave artist and owner of Hireath Records, and together with largest Vaporwave YouTube channel Vapor Memory, we will present Explore the Vapor – 24h livestream on Saturday, November 21 from 22:00. Because if we can’t do it on stage during Explore the North – as the first live Vaporwave event in Europe – we’ll do it online anyway! We’ve invited twenty of the greatest Vaporwave artists from around the world and exciting newcomers to join us for Explore the Vapor. So turn on the livestream from 10 p.m. on November 21 and float away to a Vaporwave world that is specially curated for you with artists from the United States, Japan, Sweden, Belgium, United Kingdom and the Netherlands.

About Explore the North
Explore the North is a wintry urban festival from Leeuwarden, the Netherlands, for music, literature, theatre and more. Besides that, Explore the North is also an interdisciplinary production house. Explore the North productions share literature, language and multilingualism as a common feature. In November we take you with us during a festival period of multiple weeks and share surprising stories in different forms. The next annual festival takes place from 19-21 November, 2021.

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