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Insanity Check – Unrecoverable Reality

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After being in production for almost five years, the debut album “Unrecoverable Reality” by Insanity Check sees the light of day. On this album Insanity Check takes you back to a mix of an alternative Command & Conquer Red Alert soundtrack with underground Finnish beats and metal. 

Besides music, the album delivers a strong message:
The story on the album is about the darkest time in my life. It was when my mental health started deteriorating really bad, and I became a serious hazard to myself. The point of the project is to highlight mental issues, and encourage people to seek help. It’s never too late!


Insanity Check is a project by Topias Svärd from Turku, Finland. Svärd is also known as ‘DJ Backstabber’ for his “Beats by the Dead” tape with ‘Shangó 404’ and as ‘8-Bitape’ for his two tapes (“8-Bitape” and “8-Breeder”). These 8-Bitape tapes have been baptized as chiphop by Scandinavian underground chiptune makers.


If you’re into chiptunes, lofi beats and synthmetal this is for you!

Review: Zware Metalen