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  /    /  暗闇DESTINY – 遷移TRANSITION


Spectate the disintegration of paradise on 遷移TRANSITION. Savour the natural surroundings as bright ambient instrumentation constructs a far-reaching ecosphere all around you, only for it to be shrouded in dark, cloudy euphoria. Journey from the world you know to a distant but hauntingly foreboding future. Walk through a shifting landscape as endless fields of flora shrivel under the weight of a cloak of hypermodernity.

Having explored a range of genres, 暗闇DESTINY finds a glorious sweet spot in a work that revels in euphoria, whilst utilising synth-driven instrumentation to confidently progress the neo-mythic narrative. Watch the story unfold like an epic poem of deities and divine landscapes.

夕暮れDusk illustrates an utopia in decline, electronic strings laced with starry dewdrops play, cascading over lush landscapes. The track is tinged with a burgeoning melody of melancholy however, as the once beautiful land becomes enshrouded in darkness.

Feel the forfeiture of hope on 変更点Changes as you witness a paradise lost. The boundless vitality at the start of the album now a muffled ghost of its former self. Hear forceful electronic drums smash into one another like great armies in battle. The melodies interposed between the explosive percussion weep with pain and anguish at the slow crumbling of a once beautiful vista, now a gloomy landscape.

遷移TRANSITION shows the transformation of a location blooming with vitality into a dark, unrecognisable place. 暗闇DESTINY masterfully weaves sombre ambient with visceral electronic instrumentation. The artist paints a picture of epic proportions, the slow degradation and collapse of a fruitful society, and the privation of its positive energy.

The lines of this picture trace horrifyingly close to the lines of our own world, as 暗闇DESTINY explores themes such as environmental destruction, mankind’s self-harming nature and the world’s beauty succumbing to evil, insatiable forces.

You are invited to witness the destruction of an utopian empire on this sublime work. Attend the dismantling of a world, told through lashings of atmospheric ambient and dreamy electronic instrumentation. Wander through a stark wasteland, as 暗闇DESTINY illustrates a story as epic as those depicted by the romanticist painters of old.