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Kagoshima Tangerine

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🍊⦔ タンジェリン (Kagoshima Tangerine) is a mysterious artist from – allegedly, Kagoshima, Japan. Taking inspiration from  The Mount Fuji Doomjazz Corporation and Bohren & Der Club of Gore, Kagoshima Tangerine creates an unique form of dark ambient that leans into the ambient side of slushwave. Kagoshima Tangerine worked together with desert sand feels warm at night on 鹿児島 砂漠, released on Hiraeth Records in 2024.


As their artistname suggests, Kagoshima Tangerine releases albums each titled with an emoji! You will find albums titled as  “🍊”, “🌸”, and “🗻” – just to name a few. The latter album is an enormous project clocking well over six and a half hours long!


🍊⦔ タンジェリン has released cassettes at various labels such as Global Pattern,
Virtual Beach Club, ATMO, First Class Collective, Rei Records, Shatterfoil Industries, and No Problema Tapes.